EZNDA-1 DNA 30 mod original EVOLV chip

ez dna1 4 EZ DNA (2) ez dna (39)
  • Size                             136mm*22mm
  • Colors                          stainless
  • Power                          7w-30w,  each 1w changed
  • Voltage                        4v-8.3v
  • Thread                         Spring loaded 510 connector
  • Battery capacity            2200mah
  • Process                        aluminium alloy metal
  • Button                           5 Clicks On/Off, Metal Button
  • Indicator light              blue : working;red :charging;green:charged

1. 20Wand 30W Power, Perfect on heavy smokers
2. Powered by Evolv,the unique DNA20 and 30 manufacture in the world
3. Battery replaceable,18650 li-ion battery,2000mah
4. 510 Spring loaded 510 connector,can suit for any kinds and size atomizers!
5. Metal Button, Fashionable and comfortable!
6. LCD screen,show resistance,voltage and wattage
7. Mini size as: 136mm*22mm
8. 3 Months Warranty!

Normal Operation:
Watt setting: The power can be adjusted from 7w-30w or 30w-7w
Battery indicator: Showing the current state of charge of the battery.The Min ouput voltage is 4V.the Max poutput voltage is 8.3V
Volts Display: The cuttent or most recent output voltage being supplied to the atomizer
Ohms Display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device.

Other Modes:
Loacked Mode: Pressing the fire button 5 times to enter locked mode.
Stealth Mode:  While locked,pressing the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seceonds will to stealth mode.In this mode,the display is off.Do the same to get back to normal mode.
Right Mode and Left Mode: While loacked,holding the fire and up buttons simultaneously for 5 second flips the display. This allows for maximum flesibility in designing the mod,as well as accommodating left handed vapers

More information
Battery model: 18650/18350
DNA PCB: Original Evolv DNA 30 PCB
Output Voltage: 4V-8.3V
Input voltage: Min 3.2V;Max 4.3V;Typical 4.3V
Atomizer Resistance: Min 1.0ohms;Max 3.3ohms;Typical 2.5ohms
Input Current: Min 1.5Amps;Max 7Amps;Typical 4.0Amps
Connector: Spring Loaded,both EGO and 510 are available
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